Police officer saves life of 6-week-old in Chester

June 12, 2012 3:42:09 AM PDT
There is a family in the city of Chester that will forever be indebted to a housing authority police officer.

That officer, Jacqueline White, is credited with saving the life of six-week-old Luis Morales.

It was a much different story Friday night when the infant's family realized Luis had choked on his vomit and stopped breathing.

First-time mom Maria Morales and her parents jumped in the family van and tried to catch the attention of a police car.

The Morales family pulled up right next to Officer White's cruiser and handed the baby out the window to her.

"Did what I'm trained to do and I just got down in the street, 6th Street, in the middle of the street, and just started doing CPR," White said.

Officer White thought the infant might not make it when he stopped breathing for the second time.

She thought she'd lost him, but she kept at it.

Eventually White, a two year member of the Chester Housing Police, who's also a mother of three and a grandmother, got Luis breathing again.

"I heard him cry and then he started moving. That was great," White said.

"I appreciate it so much. If it wasn't for her, my baby was going to die," Maria Morales said.

Luis was rushed to a local hospital then transferred to DuPont Children's Hospital in Delaware where he was treated for three days before his release.

His mom says he's doing great.

Grandfather Alexis Morales describes Officer White as,"An angel. She saved a life."

"I'm really thankful that he's alive and I'm glad I was there," White said.

Hailed a hero by Maria Morales and her parents, Officer White can't help smothering little Luis with kisses.

It is a happy, but decidedly different ending from most of the cases she handles.