Malnourished horses find new home

June 13, 2012 8:27:15 PM PDT
Two horses the Pennsylvania SPCA named 'Tonto' and 'The Old Man' were in bad shape when officers found them abandoned and neglected Wednesday morning at 7th and Diamond streets in North Philadelphia.

They were malnourished, had no horseshoes for their hooves and were covered in bruises.

"It doesn't need to be like this; there are places to take them. There are people who need to be responsible for something like this," Lori McCutcheon of the Last Chance Ranch said.

The Action Cam was there as McCutcheon checked on the horses at the SPCA headquarters in Hunting Park.

"We rehabilitate them and then find them new homes. We try to educate so people don't get into a mess like this. This is an expensive animal," McCutcheon said.

But the SPCA says they're cheap to get at an auction at $50 to $100.

Whether it's a horse running wild on the boulevard or a neglected one like Tonto, the SPCA works one or two horse related cases a month.

"Because the city of Philadelphia doesn't have an ordinance, if you lived in a row house and you wanted five horses living with you, that would be permissible," PSPCA spokeswoman Wendy Marano said.

Last Chance wanted to give the two malnourished horses another chance so the organization decided to load up the animals and take them to a new home in Quakertown.

Last Chance says it will take about $4,000 and 6 months of rehab to get 'Tonto' and 'The Old Man' back to a healthy state.

The road to recovery started with a 40 mile trip to the group's Quakertown location where there's plenty of room for a horse to roam.

As the SPCA searches for the owners, McCutcheon is just relieved she could get the animals out of the city and to the country.

"They'll do be fine. I mean this is what we do and this is how we take care of them," McCutcheon.