New videos debunk organ donor myths

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; July 10, 2012

One video is shot from the perspective of a car accident victim. As he is moved through the hospital, he wonders if every effort will be made to save his life, because he has signed up as an organ donor.

As he awakes, viewers hear, "I made it. they saved me."

The announcer continues, "Many believe EMTs and doctors wont try as hard to save you if you are a registered organ donor. It is just not true."

The video can be seen on YouTube at: "Will Doctors Save Me?".

In a second video, a little girl walks through the streets holding a sign seeking help for her ailing dad. Passersby offer money, but it isn't until she finds a person who shows they are an organ donor that she looks relieved.

It is designed to dispel the myth thay money plays a role in who gets an organ transplant.

Donate Life Pennsylvania and the state's health department are sharing the videos on social media sites, hoping to clear up confusion, and get more people to sign up to become organ donors.

The second video can be seen at: "Only One Thing Can Save Her Dad.".

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