Popsicle paradise in Philadelphia

June 21, 2012 1:48:20 PM PDT
At Lil' Pop Shop, they're serving up fun, fabulous, farm fresh bars with flavors that aren't fake, but definitely are funky!

"Everything that you taste is real and natural and fresh," says Jeanne Chang, the owner of Lil Pop Shop. "Nothing fake."

Chang's popsicles have nothing to hide. No preservatives. No ingredients you'd need a dictionary to dissect. Her gourmet concoctions are clever and seasonal, basically whatever pops out at the Farmers' Market.

"We use real fruit and real milk, real dairy," she says. "There's nothing funny in here. No dyes, no artificial flavorings."

Pop into Lil' Pop Shop in West Philadelphia and you will find fun, happy little bars infused with a farm stand of fresh flavors like strawberry rhubarb lemonade and lemon blueberry buttermilk.

"The basil just came out this week so we have a pineapple basil," she says. "And we are getting peaches next week and we are going to combine it with a peach beer."

Some are decadent and rich like the chocolate salted caramel brownie. The coffee in the Vietnamese iced coffee is organic and slow roasted, and so are the beets.

"We will peel them and puree them with watermelon to make some watermelon beet popsicles."

The goat cheese with cherries is creamy, tart and creatively tasty!

"I think some people are thrown off by the goat cheese, but people have compared it to cheesecake or cannoli filling," she says.

Chang says she wanted to make something real, something parents could feel good serving their kids.

"There's one that's no sugar added and it is made with local fruit, bananas and berries," she explains.

And seems the kids are really digging it!

"It tastes like real mint," says Addi, a young customer. "Like real mint leaves! It's awesomeness!"

Lil' Pop Shop
265 S. 44th Street
Philadelphia. PA 19104
(215) 222- 5829