Families seek cool activities in hot weather

July 2, 2012 2:41:13 PM PDT
Families across the area are in search of cool activities to escape the stifling temperatures

The Please Touch Museum in Fairmount was packed with parents on Monday, many seeking relief, and some activity for their kids.

Among them were the McGowan family from Linwood, New Jersey, needed some relief since storms took out the power early Saturday. Fortunately, air conditioning was pumping and River Adventure was calling.

"Just trying to stay out of the heat and not drive my parents crazy because we're at their house," said Jamie McGowan.

Of course, they weren't alone.

"We're actually here from Maryland. Our power has been out since Friday," said Rachel Simms.

The Please Touch Museum is often a hot destination, but is especially so with families trying to stay cool and out of the scorching sun.

"We had a great weekend, almost 5,000, and we'll have a great day today, and probably the rest of the week the way the weather is looking," said Joe Costello of the Please Touch Museum.

Even if your home still has power, PECO says seeking air conditioned spaces is one way to help keep your own energy bill down. Running your air all day will also run up your bill, but there are ways to cut down on the costs - and the heat - in your own home.

"Draw the curtain, pull the shades, keep sunlight out," said Liz Williamson of PECO. "Try not to use any larger appliances that add heat and humidity to your home during the warmest times of the day."

Williamson also said to try and raise your thermostat a few degrees to help save on energy costs.

She added that PECO did not break any usage records on Monday, but - as always in this kind of weather - they are closely monitoring their systems.