NJ man sets up his own speed limit sign

EWING TWP., N.J. - July 11, 2012

"They're just going way too fast," said John Foushee.

Electrical contractor John Foushee says he's been complaining to police for years about the traffic speeding by his business on North Olden Ave; sometimes at 15 or 20 miles over the 35mph limit.

"I've asked for help a number of times. I called Ewing Township, asked them if they could do something to slow the traffic down, to place a patrol car in my parking lot, if I could use their speed trailer, all to no avail," said Foushee.

Frustrated with the situation, Foushee went on Craigslist and bought a used speed radar trailer of his own for $600 and set it up on the sidewalk outside his business so motorists could see just how fast they were going.

"The cops didn't like it," Foushee said. "I got a call from the police that said you have a trailer that says the word police on it. You're not a police officer, you can't do that."

So Foushee complied... just barely. He taped over part of the letter "P" in police and kept his speed radar running.

New Jersey state regulations say it's illegal to display unauthorized traffic signs and on Tuesday police ticketed Foushee, who had a 25 mph sign posted on top of the device--10 miles lower than the legal limit.

"I have to do this," he said. "Somebody needs to slow down the traffic."

Foushee says he will probably plead guilty when he goes to court next month, but he still doesn't think he should have gotten a ticket. In his view there's nothing wrong with trying to slow traffic down.

"The only thing I can say is you're right, it's not a registered sign so I'm sorry," Foushee said. "People, when they see it, they DO slow down."

The owner of a bar next door supports Foushee's efforts.

"I think the township should give him a commendation instead of a citation, because he's helping to save lives," said Bill Toth.

Police are still looking into the issue, but say posting the wrong speed limit is a clear cut violation.

With or without a sign on top, Foushee says the speed trailer will stay. He says he's providing a community service.

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