Police: Botched drug deal led to triple killing

PLYMOUTH, Pa. (AP) -July 9, 2012

Eighteen-year-old Shawn Hamilton and 16-year-old Sawud Davis, originally of Philadelphia, each face three charges each of criminal homicide and one count each of attempted homicide in Saturday night's shooting in Plymouth, Luzerne County.

Three of the shooting victims were teenagers themselves. Authorities identified the slain victims as 21-year-old Bradley Swartwood, 17-year-old Nicholas Maldonado and 15-year-old Lisa Abaunza. Maldonaldo's 19-year-old brother remains hospitalized.

Police say Davis shot Nicholas Maldonaldo after he reached for packets of heroin Davis showed him. Authorities say Hamilton told investigators Davis shot the others because he couldn't leave witnesses.

Hamilton and Davis both remain in custody. It's not clear if they have attorneys.

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