Family: Son punched by camp counselor

PHILADELPHIA - July 9, 2012

It's been four days since Bianca Deveo says her 8-year-old son Brandon was assaulted by a day camp counselor and she is still in disbelief.

"It doesn't make any sense, I don't know why this happen," Deveo said.

The incident took place last Friday when Deveo's husband Ronald went to the summer day camp at Grover Cleveland Elementary to learn why their son was not going to be allowed to go swimming with the rest of the kids at a nearby city pool.

While a counselor was trying to explain that Brandon was being punished for getting into an altercation with another child, police say another counselor, 23-year-old Charles Corley assaulted the father and his son.

"He came behind my husband while my husband was talking to Ms. Brittany, hit him in the back of his neck, and then my husband went to turn around and the young gentleman ran, he ran past my son and punched him in the mouth and knocked his tooth out," Deveo said.

Bianca Deveo says it was done for "absolutely no reason."

Police say the punch knocked out one of Brandon's teeth, a molar on the left side of his mouth.

When asked why the man hit him, Brandon responded, "I don't know."

Police would later arrive and take Charles Corley into custody.

Bianca Deveo says a day camp at a school is the last place she expected her child to be assaulted.

"I expect him to be safe, to take the role of the parent, keep them safe and keep them sheltered; no one came to my child's aide or anything...they were laughing, my son says they were laughing," Deveo said.

Marty Friedman, the Executive Director of the camp being run by EducationWorks, a sub-contractor for the School District, says the counselor has been fired and a full investigation is under way to determine why others did not intervene.

"We need to understand that so that we can work with our staff and our partners to make sure this kind of thing just doesn't happen again," Friedman said.

Bianca Deveo is now looking for another camp to send her child to.

EducationWorks runs 17 camps in Philadelphia, five days a week, for 1,500 kids.

Meanwhile, Charles Corley remains in jail charged with Aggravated Assault and related offenses. He faces a court date later this month.

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