Weight gain after smoking higher than thought

WASHINGTON, D.C.; July 11, 2012

Unfortunately a new study shows the average weight gain for people who quit is higher than what was once thought.

The study found smokers who quit gained an average of 10 pounds in 12 months, with most of the weight gain in the first 3 months.

For years, the government has said the average was less than 10 pounds.

But the study also found about 15-percent of people actually LOSE weight.

Often, ex-smokers turn to sweets or high-calorie foods to satisfy their desire to smoke.

And even if you do gain that average 10 pounds, giving up cigarettes still improves your health.

Doctors say you won't die from 10 extra pounds, but you will from cigarettes.

Now, if you can just be more aware, and try to eat healthy and exercise, you can prevent much of that weight gain.

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