Pay 6 Forward: Nellie Thomas from Wynnfield

WYNNEFIELD - July 10, 2012

In just a few minutes when I met one woman who asked: "Can I keep it myself?"

But, I explained the rules that apply for all of our Pay 6 Forward stories :
*You can't keep it yourself
*You can't be a relative or someone you live with
*The money needs to be a friend or a neighbor or someone from a church group who is going through a particularly hard time.
*They have to be available RIGHT THEN for the surprise!

Then we met Precious mines who seemed ready for the runway!

"I just got off the phone with someone who got an extreme water bill. It just came out of the nowhere she's in extreme need, trust me her husband in the house but he's the only one working, three kids, so they definitely can pay it forward."

So we went to Nellie Thomas's house in Olney. Nellie is a mother of 3 who lost her job over a year ago. Both parents are going to school at night, trying to secure better jobs. Precious' lifelong friend is a very private person and seemed uneasy with the camera crew.

"So catch your breath, don't cry, it's going to be OK," Precious told her friend. "Look at me, they are going to bless you with $600 in cash."

There were hugs all around. It's been a difficult time for the family.

"You go thru a lot, putting in for jobs and getting the response, 'Maybe next time,'" Nellie Thomas told us.

"It's been a lot. Sometimes you get those bills and take care of one and here come(s) another."

Now her husband Burnett, who works at Kmart, is the sole supporter of the family of 5.

"It must be so much stress on your husband like so many dads supporting the family.. good dads who are trying to do it the honest way, leaving early in the morning and come home at night."

So we "Paid 6 Forward" to Precious, and she "Paid 6 Forward" to Nellie.

"Wow, I think it's pretty awesome, Channel 6 Action News. I think it's pretty awesome!"

One of problems nellie is having, like so many families out there, is the job that she's eligible for wouldn't come close to paying the bills. She would need 3 jobs and then she would have to make arrangements for someone to be with the kids. That's why she and her husband are getting their degrees trying create a better life. Nellie told us that the money is great, but she thought the real blessing was that we took the time to come to her home.

We also have a new part of our Pay 6 Forward series underway. Just follow this link and tell us how you plan to pay it forward. Action News just might show up to help with your surprise.

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