Pennypack wolf-dog doing well in Lancaster Co.


Liberty, formerly known as Levi, is being quarantined at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania in Lititz.

The animal's name had to be changed because there was already a Levi at the sanctuary.

The caretaker told Action News on Tuesday that Liberty will gradually be introduced to the other 44 animals at the sanctuary.

They roam around the 22 acres of securely fenced land.

The animals stay at the sanctuary for their entire lives and are never sold or given away.

Liberty was captured on the morning of July 3rd after eluding authorities for weeks.

Specialists used hotdogs in a foothold trap to finally catch the animal. They came up with the plan based on the observation that the wolf-dog had become accustomed to eating leftover hotdogs left in the park.

Foothold traps are designed for the most humane capture possible and are commonly used in wildlife research, particularly for catching canines.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said Liberty was in the trap for less than a minute and seemed to be unfazed by the experience.

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