Rewards for shopping, buying and sharing deals

July 23, 2012

Fox's new social media money-saving site has three main components: Coupons, Local Deals and Stores. And when you make a purchase through any of them, you'll get up to10% of your purchase price back.

"You would just hit 'redeem' and we would send you a prepaid debit card for that amount," Fox explains.

Click "Coupons" and you'll find a list of some 20,000 current coupon codes for major retailers.

"Inevitably, codes are going to expire, so what we do is we have someone curate, making sure that those coupon codes are valid," Fox says.

Click "Local Deals" and, "Instead of you having to go to 20 different daily deal sites, to figure out which deal is best for you, we've aggregated all that and we're the first ones to give you cash back," he explains.

If you want something from a specific store, use the "Stores" link. And if you share your deals with friends, through Facebook, you can earn even more.

"So, you find a great deal, you want to go on that great deal with your friends, you're going to email them, if they purchase through SpreadSave and you purchase through SpreadSave, everybody gets cash back and you're still getting the same excellent deal," Fox says.

To join SpreadSave, click here.

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