NJ camp teaches kids about stranger danger safety

GLOUCESTER TWP., N.J. - July 20, 2012

It's a story that got national attention and shocked parents and police officers alike.

Fortunately the little girl is okay and authorities say she did everything right. Now many are using this incident as a reminder to keep kids safe.

Teenagers at a junior police academy camp in Gloucester Township, New Jersey are learning what it takes to become an officer.

They are working on areas like fitness, discipline, and strength.

After the attempted kidnapping of a young girl in South Philadelphia, they're also getting a refresher on stranger danger.

Most of the campers saw the video posted online.

"I thought it was nerve-wrecking, it has never happened to me but I hope it doesn't," said Alyssa Fario.

"It doesn't matter what age you are, there could be someone who could take advantage of you," said Lt. Brendan Barton.

Barton says parents should use this as an example to remind children of all ages what to do if they're ever approached.

"If you are ever in a situation where you are approached by a stranger or grabbed, you got to fight for your life," said Lt. Barton.

Officers also want kids to report incidents like this to parents and police.

Another suggestion for the older children is to trust their instinct. If something or someone doesn't seem right, parents should tell their kids to trust that feeling and get out of the situation.

Campers say they are taking this message to heart - not just for themselves but also for the citizens they're hoping to protect in the future.

There are different guidelines for different ages when it comes to teaching stranger safety. For more information visit The National Crime Prevention Council.

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