Young achievers meet Will Smith in South Philadelphia


Thirty young achievers met two Hollywood stars at the event.

Will and Jaden Smith were the top celebrity guests for this year's "I Will Be Great" Leaders Award luncheon.

"People say there's no limit. There really is only one limit. And the one limit is your ability to create what you want in this world," said Will Smith.

The awards honor young people who have excelled academically and through community service.

The event is part of the 8th annual Party for Peace, a weekend-long event organized by Will Smith's friend and former bodyguard Charlie Mack.

"You kind of never, ever pay attention to the ones who are doing great, flying high. So we want to encourage them, we want them to continue to fly high, fly at 50,000 feet," said Mack.

Other celebrities at the luncheon included Comedian Affion Crockett and Grammy-winning music producers Kenny Gamble and Carvin Haggins.

"It's always great to be able to go back and let the kids see, 'I came from where you came from, I am a part of where you are at right now, and there is a way to get out of it,'" said Haggins.

The young award-winners said they were awed and inspired.

"It's a good way to always be inspired, to keep yourself positive. Surround yourself with positive people and you'll go forward," said Linnea Douglas from Willow Grove, Pa.

"It's awesome. I didn't even expect to have all this happen. I'm really encouraged because a lot of the things he said is the stuff you have to say to yourself as a leader," said Eddie Morgan from Northeast Philadelphia.

There are additional events scheduled throughout the weekend, including a big talent competition on Sunday.

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