Circus school for the young circus lover

GERMANTOWN - July 29, 2012

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is holding circus school,1 to 2 week camps for kids from 5 to 16 years old and it's guaranteed to flip their summer upside down.

At circus camp, kids learn how to fly from the fabrics, walk the tight wire and juggle or hula hoop while balanced on a ball.

Treacy Gallagher, Camp Director of Philadelphia School of Circus Arts said, "It builds confidence, of course, teaches kids how to work towards getting little tiny goals. You know they see one of us walking stilts or riding a unicycle. They go 'oh I want to do that!'.

"It's my favorite place in the world. We are not supposed to say the word 'can't because it is negative so we all have to find ways around that," said Rachel Miller of Jenkintown, Pa.

This is the 2nd summer of circus camp for 11 year old Rachel Miller who says it's the aerial acrobatics she loves most….specifically the fabrics.

"I get to have that responsibility of 'I was completing this trick.' 'I got to do this by myself. Nobody else helped me. I did it by myself and so that's how I get pleasure," added Rachel.

Nathanial Reichley of Lafayette Hill said, "I like how it's challenging and once you can accomplish the challenge, it's very rewarding."

For folks at the School of Circus Arts, the goal of summer camp is to introduce children to the joy of the circus.

"And also to maybe spark some kids who really have a talent and a super love for it to maybe take it further to a professional level," said Gallagher.

The 2 week camps end with a Friday afternoon show that's open to the public.

Go to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts for the schedule or to register your child for camp.

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