Catholic school ravaged by vandals in Bucks County

FAIRLESS HILLS, PA. - July 24, 2012

"It's just a total disgrace and so disappointing and so disheartening," said Msgr. Michael McCormac.

And the details are even more disturbing. Church officials say the vandals started by breaking into the school on Friday night and smashing dozens of windows.

The cleanup from that incident was already underway when the vandals returned the following night and went on a rampage.

"I'm absolutely shocked that it happened. People realize that somebody has to pay for the damage. Why they did it is beyond us," said Lieutenant Todd Pletnick of the Falls Township Police Department

"To have someone or a group of people come in and destroy this building is so disheartening and despicable, quite frankly," said McCormac.

The vandals tore up drywall, scrawled epithets on a classroom floor, dumped paint in the main hallway and smashed light fixtures.

McCormac said the only upside is that the building is unoccupied since the school was closed 2 years ago. Nobody was injured.

Still, the monsignor is very interested in finding out who could have done such a thing.

"We're hoping that there's someone out there who might know something about it who can help the police find whoever did this," he said.

Anyone with information who can help investigators solve this case is asked to call the Falls Township Police Department at 215-945-3100.

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