Some still evacuated after water main break in South Philadelphia


The break, at 21st and Bainbridge, created a massive sinkhole and work continues by the Philadelphia Water Department to assess the damage.

When the four-foot water main broke, it let loose 10 to 15 million gallons creating flooded streets and tons of sodden trash that must be hauled away.

Action News returned to the scene on Tuesday to find workers with Delaware County Restoration, one of several firms on-call with the Philadelphia Water Department.

"Our initial role is mitigation, the cleaning and drying," said Jimmy Sandone.

Residents there will still planning their repairs.

"We have to replace the furnace, the water heaters and all that, because we had full water in our basement," said homeowner Kim Millner.

The city has pledged to work with homeowners. Millner is hopeful, yet a bit wary of dealing with bureaucrats.

"Everyone is in the limelight now, people are doing things now, but hopefully, when you guys disappear, they're still going to step in and do the things they need to do to take care of us," Millner said.

The Debra McCarty, of the water department, says the city will stay the course as it has with prior big leaks.

"We intend to be here until we're finished with the job," she said.

McCarty went on to say the department hopes to have new hot water heaters in by the end of the week.

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