Philadelphia Police investigate sex charge against inspector


Sources tell Action News the investigation was triggered by a third-party tipster several months ago and has escalated since.

"It is a sexual misconduct allegation. It is just an allegation. It doesn't mean it's true or that anything took place that was inappropriate," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

What went on at the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Bureau during the last year inside the first floor office of a veteran staff inspector? He's been at least temporarily transferred pending the outcome of an investigation by Internal Affairs.

Did this man have an inappropriate sexual relationship with not one but two female officers under his command? The claims are it took place inside his office. Investigators from the police lab have combed the office seeking any possible DNA evidence. Sex in a department facility is in itself a violation of official policy.

"Consensual is no problem," said Ramsey. "Obviously not in a department facility or anything like that. But just consenting adults there's certainly not an issue. But when there's an allegation that there's any kind of coercion or inappropriate behavior in terms of working, things of that nature, then that's something we look into."

The commissioner says rank will not influence the punishment if the allegations are substantiated.

We are withholding the name of the staff inspector at this point. As for the two female officers making the claims, sources say that picture yields many questions.

"One resigned some time ago for personal reasons from the department," said Ramsey. "I don't know exactly why. And the other is still in the department. However there is some disciplinary action that person is facing as well on a separate case."

The commissioner says he doesn't expect a final report from Internal Affairs for several weeks. Then he'll have to make a decision on what, if anything, he'll do in regards to disciplining anyone involved.

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