NJ girl grabs wheel when grandfather dies


"He said Miranda just keep talking to me...just keep talking to me."

Miranda Bowman thought those words were strange. She and her grandfather, Paul Parker, had just left New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville. The 63 year old said he wasn't feeling well.

"About 30 seconds later I heard his head tap on the window and that's when I knew," said Miranda.

Parker died of a massive heart attack. His foot was on the accelerator.

The car was approaching speeds up to 80 mph on Buckshutem Road.

"I panicked and I started screaming. I unlocked my seat belt," said Miranda.

Miranda tried to push the brake. The car slowed a bit, but continued to motor down the road, crossing over into the opposite lanes.

Miranda added, "I just saw woods, so I avoided the telephone pole right next to me. We went though someone's lawn, then over a little tree and then I took out three other trees and a stump.

Stephanie Bowman, Miranda's mother said, "I cant imagine what she saw, watching her grandfather pass in front of her, let alone the reactions she had. I'm so lucky nothing else happened."

The airbags deployed and Miranda was able to walk away with only some bumps and bruises. Her quick thinking to slow the car likely saved her life.

Her grandfather though is dead and it's been a bittersweet week for Miranda's mother, Stephanie. She's had conflicting emotions since Tuesday's accident.

"I'm probably not experiencing the loss as much as everyone else because I'm too grateful and blessed to have my baby girl," added Stepanie.

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