How to make money on YouTube

July 30, 2012

Or perhaps you know her as Ciao Bella XO, the name of her YouTube channel, meaning "Hello Beautiful" as her thousands of YouTube fans know her.

"When I started watching other people on YouTube I kind of got obsessed with it," Kroh told us.

She was so obsessed that she took her love for YouTube one step further.

"I just made a video one day and I posted it."

From there, you can say a star -- or at least a money making venture -- was born.

"Google contacted me saying that one of my videos was eligible for monetization so I could put ads on my videos and get paid from it."

Megan then applied to become a YouTube partner which meant she could potentially earn more.

"Each person makes something different. It is just all the trafficking to your channel; how many people watch and subscribe and view."

Megan has over 102,000 subscribers and 2,000,000 page views! YouTube rules do not allow Megan to disclose exactly how much she earns. Let's just say it is a pretty good chunk of change.

"Over time, after making so many videos and getting more views and more subscribers, that is how you make more money."

All by giving tips on how to apply false eyelashes and reviewing beauty products.

"I have people watching me from Europe from Australia."

And that exposure has even lead companies to reach out to Megan with freebies -- lots and lots of freebies -- in hopes Megan will review their product too.

"I'm trying it out but I am going to be truthful about how I feel about those products too."

Megan says YouTube is her full-time job and she is having fun doing it.

"I do it because I love this. This is my passion."

So, how can you cash in video blogging?
* First, build a following and post regularly to keep your viewers interest.
* Second, ask to have your videos monetized by signing up to be a YouTube partner --this allows ads can run on your video, and you get paid. You can get more information by consulting this page about the YouTube Partner Program.
* Remember videos must be original content, so don't use in the background or put in photos from the internet or other YouTube channels.
* Megan's best tip however is to have FUN and be yourself!

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