Suspect in sex assault of Germantown woman, 78, arrested

GERMANTOWN - August 1, 2012

Philadelphia police say 24-year-old Ronald Gregory was arrested after a tip call was received by the U.S. Marshals around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Acting on that tip, police and marshals went to the Bartram Village Apartments at 54th and Elmwood in Southwest Philadelphia where they found Gregory and took him into custody.

The attack happened on Thursday in the 5300 block of Wayne Avenue.

Investigators say the woman awoke to find an unknown man in her bedroom, now identified as Gregory.

Police say Gregory sexually assaulted the woman, then stole $200 in cash and a money order.

The victim spoke to Action News last week.

"I wasn't scared, I was terrified," she said, describing the frightening ordeal.

The victim said she begged the man to stop and even offered to sit down with him and discuss his problems, saying she could tell he was troubled.

"He was a fairly young man. He had almost a teenage voice. I am sitting up there talking to him like a grandmother, 'Hey don't do this. Let's sit down and we'll talk about your problems," said the victim.

Ronald Gregory is charged with: Rape, Burglary, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault and related offenses.

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