Treaderobics kicks walking up a notch

August 2, 2012 It's called "treaderobics" and, as the name suggests, it's aerobics on a treadmill. It was created by Delores Parker, a fitness trainer who says she got bored of walking so she took a low-impact aerobics routine and moved it onto a moving surface.

"We do basic arm and leg extensions," Parker said. "We do chest press, shoulder press, bicep, triceps and a little bit of dance that we thought was easy to do."

The dance steps do take a little practice, but you start your treadmill out at its slowest speed.

Pamela Freeman, who doesn't normally like to exercise, says once she got the hang of treaderobics she was hooked.

"I don't feel like I am exercising," she says, "I'm just doing something I enjoy so it keeps me motivated."

Plus both she and Melinda Proctor say it's helped them lose weight.

Right now Treaderobics is only offered live at the Training Center in New Castle, Delaware, but it's also on DVD.

Delores says just like any other workout program, you have to start slowly. For many of the more complicated moves you will have to hold on until you get the hang of it to stay safe.

You can follow this link to the Treaderobics site for more information.

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