Who is slashing pools in Mayfair?

MAYFAIR - August 2, 2012

It has happened over the past few weeks in the 3000 and 3100 blocks of Hellerman Street.

The victims include the Carey boys. Someone slashed their pool early Tuesday morning.

"I was leaving for work and saw the sidewalk was wet. I quickly noticed there were two giant gashes in the side," said Jim Carey.

When asked what he would like to say, 7-year-old Matt Carey said "they already ruined my summer and they ruined a lot of peoples' summer."

Jim Carey hopes to get his boys' pool fixed on Friday, but they're not the only victims. Further down the block, some neighbors got rid of their pool after it was slashed. Across the street, one pool was found in a shapeless heap.

The neighbors say they're more than frustrated with whomever is vandalizing the pools, costing them money and ruining their kids' summer fun.

"My kids swim in there, all their friends are here every day. They're out swimming nine to nine almost every day," said Carey.

At first, neighbors didn't report the slashings to the police, thinking that it wasn't a serious enough crime to warrant attention.

Now they have.

The police say they'll increase their watches on the block. In addition, some of the neighbors have set up cameras trained on their front-yard pools.

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