Getting kids to do 2-minute brush

NEW YORK, N.Y.; August 14, 2012

So thirty dental organizations are trying to give families a friendly nudge by giving kids something to watch while they do it.

A new campaign offers 2-minute music videos and cartoons kids can watch on a smartphone right in the bathroom.

The 14 videos, which were provided by the Cartoon Network and My Kazoo, include Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry, as well as some kids' bands.

The Dream Jam band put their message into pop, singing, " Brush your teeth, you better do the right thing. Do the front & back, and treat them like kings.


The videos are on a website which has other helpers, including a checklist to track brushing times, and a video showing the CORRECT way to brush.

"Brushing physically removes the plaque. The plaque is the bacterial mixture in your mouth. It causes acid when you eat sweet things, and leads to cavities," says Dr. Joel Berg, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Sesame Street created a 30-second video, based on its "Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me" campaign started earlier this year.

The goal is to reach more low-income families, for whom brushing is more important, because they may not have access to regular dental care. A report in May from the Centers for Disease Control says children in low-income households have almost twice the number of decayed teeth not treated by a dentist compared to other children.

The website is also available in Spanish. Plus it has other ways to keep kids motivated.

You can get to the site at:

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