Local octogenarian qualifies for Senior Olympics

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - August 10, 2012

"They said, 'How old do you feel?' I feel like young," said Trudy Disbrow.

She'll be 85 years young in November on Veterans Day.

Last weekend, she won a pair of gold medals in the senior shot put competition, heaving it 20.5 feet, beating out about 50 other 85 to 89-year-olds.

Trudy also won the javelin competition, throwing it an impressive 38 feet!

She says her physical stamina comes from her childhood. She was the only girl, growing up on a hunting estate in Vienna, Austria.

"There were all boys. Everybody had boys; the workers and my father. So in order to keep up with all those boys, I tried my best; so whenever I walked, I wouldn't just walk, I'd throw stones," she said. "I guess with that I got strong arms."

At age 15, Trudy began competing in sporting events in Vienna, then county and state competitions.

It all stopped during World War Two, during which she met her husband, Russell Disbrow, an American airman from Trenton, N.J.

They married and raised a family. Then before he died six years ago, Trudy began competing again; this time in the senior games.

She won a silver medal in Pittsburgh in 2005, and a silver and bronze in San Francisco in 2009.

These days Trudy also finds time to enjoy her garden and feed her extra large coy, all the while dreaming of the gold at next summer's Senior Olympics in Cleveland.

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