Consumer warnings: dishwasher recall, Olympics scam

August 9, 2012

G.E is recalling 1.3 million dishwashers because they can catch fire.

The company has already received reports of 7 fires, three of which caused extensive property damage.

Another dishwasher recall has been announced.

Thursday's recall includes GE, GE Adora, GE Eterna, GE Profile and Hotpoint dishwashers. The heating elements can fail and cause fires.

"If it turns out you do have one of these recalled dishwashers, you need to stop using it immediately," says Dan DiClerico, Consumer Reports. "You then need to cut the power to that dishwasher. Go to your circuit breaker to do that."

The dishwashers were sold nationwide from March 2006 through August 2009.

Consumer Reports warns you not to return the recalled dishwasher to the store where you bought it.

"Give GE a call. They will send out a repair person and make a free repair to your dishwasher, at which point it should again be safe to use," DiClerico said.

GE's number is 1-866-918-8760.

To keep your home safe, register all new appliances with the manufacturer. Inspect power cords and wiring regularly to make sure they are not frayed or near a heat source. And don't run your dishwasher or dryer overnight or when you're away.

Beware of email Scam

There is also a new warning about a scam using the Olympics to get money.

"I was online doing some work, and then all of a sudden everything was gone," said Casey Parker.

Casey told Action News all of his messages and his contacts disappeared.

As Casey was enjoying watching the Olympics on TV here in Philadelphia, he learned an email, that appeared to be from his address, had been sent out to all of his friends and family members claiming his trip to the Olympics had gone awry.

"We were having a great time until last night when we lost all our cash, credit card and mobile phone. I need you to loan me some cash. I'll pay you back as soon as I arrive home. Write me back, so I can tell you how to get it to me," Casey read from a bogus email.

Casey and his contacts were the victims of a scam.

So beware, con artists are once again hacking email accounts and sending out messages like this, even making it seem like the email comes directly from someone you know.


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