Clean up after strong storm in Morrisville, Bucks Co.

MORRISVILLE, Pa. - August 10, 2012

Crews worked on North Harding Avenue sawing apart a massive tree piece by piece after it snapped, slicing through a fence, and onto a car parked in the driveway of a home.

There is some damage to the house, but the car bore the brunt of the fall. The owners came home shortly afterward.

"We drove up, and I'm gasping at the house," explained Robert Sohenuick. "I almost drove into the power line that was down in the middle of the street from there we just started calling insurance companies."

Trees also crashed down around Morrisville United Methodist Church. Branches and leaves are strewn across the property, though the buildings were spared. A Girl Scout sleepover was underway last evening. They had just returned to the gym when the winds kicked up. Troop leaders closed the blinds and kept the scouts away from the windows.

Troop Leader Linda Hotzman tells Action News, "When it stopped we opened up and looked outside. We had trees down, we had branches down we got everything everywhere. It looked like a cyclone went through here."

Crews are out today working to clear the debris.

At last check about 100 households were still without power.

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