NJ pit bull becomes surrogate mom for puppies

DELRAN, N.J. - August 13, 2012

Her owners - Lori and Bryan Griffin brought the pups home to care for them until they're big enough to be adopted out.

"We don't know if she ever had puppies to know what to do, we just brought them home thinking we would care for them and she pitched in and helped out," said Lori.

The couple was pleasantly surprised at Darcy's maternal instinct.

"When they woke up at night because they wanted to be fed, they would cry and she heard them cry and she would wake up," said Bryan.

The mixed-breed puppies, about 3-weeks-old, are named Carmel, Frappy, Java and Mocha.

They were dropped off at the Burlington County Animal Alliance and the Griffins agreed to temporarily foster them, never knowing Darcy would be such a big help.

"She cleans them when I feed them to make sure their faces are all clean. She helps them to go to the bathroom. She'll bunch them all together and make sure no one is separating from the pack and kind of keeps an eye on them all," said Lori.

Darcy may have a soft spot for abandoned pups since she too was left at a shelter mangy and neglected. The Griffins adopted her just four months ago from the Philadelphia SPCA.

"She's helping rescue other dogs when she herself was rescued. Considering her past you never know what kind of dog you can get because she's obviously neglected with no hair, but she's so sweet and loving," said Lori.

Darcy may not have given birth to her little charges, but she cares for and protects them as if they were her own. Isn't that what being a parent is all about?

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