SPCA: Dog jumped, not tossed, from car

CHESTER, Pa. - August 14, 2012

In an update on Tuesday, the SPCA said they had made contact with the dog's owner.

The owner said the dog was in a door-less carrier in the backseat of the car and leapt out an open window last Wednesday.

The owner didn't see the dog jump, the SPCA said, and didn't realize the dog was missing until a few minutes later.

The owner was extremely distraught, the SPCA said, and had been searching the area for the dog.

The SPCA's humane investigator said there is no intent to press charges. The dog, called "Raggedy Ann" by rescuers but actually named "April," will be returned to her owner.

The person who found the dog retracted her earlier statement that she saw a hand push the dog out the window, the SPCA said.

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