Mom takes bite out of intruder in home invasion

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - August 16, 2012

It all happened at a home on the 2100 block of N 24th Street.

Eighteen year-old Larry Copeland, was at home with his mother Linda, his two young nephews, and an 18-year-old friend when two teen broke in around 3:00 a.m.

The friend was pistol whipped downstairs while one of the intruders ran to the third floor and punched Larry awake.

Larry tells Action News, "Next thing I know I see a gun. He swung it at me, hit me in the side of the face."

Copeland believes the intruders were after the $2,800 he had just received from a lawsuit. He explains he put up a fight, which woke up Linda. She came running, trying to make sense of the commotion.

"The boy was trying to get out the window and he said, 'I don't know him.' When he said 'I don't know him,' mommy bear kicked in," explained Linda.

She sunk her teeth into an intruder's arm, but both managed to escape - one out the third floor window, the other through the front door.

Linda tells us, "The perpetrator has to have a serious bite on the back of his arm."

"After I started fighting he pulled out a gun and pointed at my mom," said Larry. "I thought about it and said it's not worth getting shot over."

But as all this was going on, one of the youngest members of the household was getting help. 12-year-old Moojahid Burke had feigned sleep, then darted to a neighbor's house who called 9-1-1.

Mujahid detailed what happened by saying, "They had a gun. I thought they was gonna kill my uncle, my grandma, my little brother because I heard them crying. I just hurried up and ran as fast as I can."

If you have any information about the suspects' identities or whereabouts you are urged to contact authorities.

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