Police: Pa. man pulled gun in fit of road rage

PERRY TWP, Pa. - August 21, 2012

Travis Heebner, 26, from Muhlenberg Twp., is accused of pulling out the gun at a busy intersection and aiming it at another car on Sunday.

Police say two victims reported that Heebner drove dangerously close to their rear bumper, passed them at a high rate of speed, cut them off, and then continued weaving in and out of traffic.

Investigators say while Heebner was waiting to turn onto 662 South in Perry Township, the victims pulled up next to Heebner's vehicle and asked him what the problem was.

That is when Heebner is alleged to have pulled out a gun.

Officials say if you are a victim of road rage, call 911. They say that is how police were able to nab Heebner just a few minutes later.

Police say they also recovered a 9mm pistol and charged Heebner with aggravated assault and related charges.


Information from WFMZ-TV

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