Ryan campaigns in Chester Co., Center City Philadelphia

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - August 20, 2012

The rally was held Tuesday afternoon at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center in West Chester, Pa.

Several thousand Republican loyalists showed up to cheer this darling of fiscal conservatives who've warmed up to the Romney ticket.

"We got to stop spending money we just don't have. We have to cut spending. We got to get this budget deficit under control, this debt under control," Ryan said.

He attacked President Obama for an impolitic remark about small-town Pennsylvanians from the '08 campaign.

"You remember that one where he said 'people in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, we cling to our guns and our religion. As a Catholic deer hunter, guilty as charged," Ryan said.

Democrats have joyously attacked Ryan as a potential killer of Medicare as we know it and a militant anti-abortion rights crusader, knowing that will fire up their base, but Ryan inspires the GOP base as well.

"He knows his numbers, he knows the formula, and with Mitt's knowledge of business acuity, I think he's the winning ticket," Alice Bell of Berwyn, Pa.

GOP officials say Ryan was scheduled to attend a fundraiser in Center City Philadelphia following the rally.

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