Mrs. Fixit: Reuse Neckties

August 26, 2012

Use a tie to make a case for your glasses. Take a tie and cut it twenty inches from the point. Fold the raw end in and use a hot iron to make a clean edge.

Check the inside of the tie to see if you need to snip any threads that are blocking the pocket that you are making.

Fold the small end up and stitch to secure the sides in place. Then, use your iron to crease the flap into place, you can also add a snap or some velcro as a closure for the case!

Use the same technique but a little smaller to make a cute wallet or coin purse!

Use some ties to make a lampshade. Cut the ties to the length you need to cover the shade, you will want to leave enough extra to make a clean seam that overlaps the top edge of the shade.

Use hot glue to secure the ties to the shade. You want to place the ties so that they will either butt right up against each other, or that they overlap hiding the shade completley. Leave the point of the tie hanging over the bottom edge acting as a trim.

With no modifications at all you can use a necktie as a headband, a belt or a cute purse accessory. Try these reuses for yourself! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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