Move-in day at La Salle University

PHILADELPHIA - August 23, 2012

"I'm a student. My brother works here as well," said Nicole Giacometti.

LaSalle University has become family tradition for the Giacometti's from Scranton. With two siblings already there, they are welcoming a third, freshman Michelle and her two car-loads of stuff.

"I brought my whole closet with me," Michelle said. "They're probably not going to fit, so I'll have to bring some back. This is only car number one. It is the essentials."

The Jones family was also working from two vehicles. Aaron Jones stood guard while his niece unpacked in her dorm.

Carts were zooming, hands were full, and upperclassmen volunteered their move-in skills, including some of the athletes who were lending their muscle.

The rugby players didn't shy away from the heavy lifting.

There are 900 incoming freshman this year from 26 different states and 16 different countries, most of them say they are ready to embark on this new journey.

The big smile on Christian Pickens' face matches those of his parents. The Southwest Philadelphia family is helping him get settled into his new home with anticipation for his future and pride in his past.

"He's always been about his school and learning and high academics, and it paid off for him in high school. Today's a proud day, very proud day," said Clint Pickens.

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