Trial for NJ cop in Doylestown standoff

DOYLESTOWN - June 23, 2012

42-year-old Richard Klementovich was off duty when police say he barricaded himself in his estranged wife's Doylestown home.

Police say Klementovich initially called the police himself saying there was a civil dispute. When the officer arrived there was an envelope in the driveway addressed to Doylestown police.

"Officer read the note, flipped it over, and it basically stated to the effect that [Klementovich] had 2,000 rounds of ammunition in the home and he is a police officer," said Acting Chief Dean Logan.

The officer left the driveway and went back to his police car. That's when the shooting started.

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Police say over the course of hours Klementovich kept firing, 118 shots in all, hitting his target every time.

Two squad cars were riddled with bullets and an armored personnel vehicle was also struck, police said. According to police radio transmissions, the gunman shot out the tires on the armored truck and its vehicle camera.

Doylestown Officer William Doucette was injured by flying concrete when a bullet struck the sidewalk. He was not seriously hurt.

Authorities say Klementovich showed up at his estranged wife's house with an arsenal, including high powered rifles and assault weapons.

He faces several charges including aggravated assault.

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