Storm damage reported in Kent County, Del.

CAMDEN, Del. (AP) - September 3, 2012

Lee Robertson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says the storm moved through the area about 3:20 p.m. Monday.

Robertson says there were also multiple reports of a funnel cloud in Kent County.

Within seconds, fire officials say what appeared to be a twister came down heavily damaging homes here in the Barclay Farms, a 55 and older community.

"All of a sudden we heard a roar," said Carl Henderson, who had been sitting on his porch looking at the rain.

Carl Henderson had been sitting on his porch looking at the rain when something told him to get inside the house.

"The next thing you know, it was like a train going right through our house. I looked out and the porch was gone, part of the roof started blowing away, the neighbors roof was gone," said Henderson.

73 year old Jim Hanacek and his wife Jean were looking outside at what they described as strange cloud formation.

"I said, 'Boy that is strange!' then all of a sudden, she started getting cyclonic. I said, 'Let's get in the house'. We ran into the house, closed the doors, and then stuff started flying," said Jim Hanacek.

"Something hit the house so hard, and he and I just dropped to the floor and we just stayed there until it was all over with," said Jean Hanacek. "And I got up to this."

A large portion of the roof on their home was ripped away; a portion of the house was literally lifted from the foundation.

"Water was just pouring in so fierce, and the whole roof to the garage was gone. And he said, 'Oh my God, we've been hit,'" Jean said.

Fire officials say the storm heavily damaged 8 homes and caused minor damage to 20 others.

"We have the Kent special ops team along with the fire company on scene. They are boarding up the homes right now to protect them from the weather," said Fire Chief Tom Rugsby.

Jim Hanacek suffered minor injuries when he stepped on a piece of glass. Police say no other injuries were reported.

"I'm just happy we didn't get hurt and the glass doors didn't come in," said Hanacek.

The National Weather Service has not confirmed that a tornado touched down in Camden. They are expected to send a team to the area to inspect the damage on Tuesday.

Eight families remain displaced Monday night, but all are grateful that no one was hurt.

At 5:00 p.m., the Delaware Electric Cooperative was reporting more than 1,200 customers were without power in the county.

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