Sun setting on 2012 Jersey Shore season

OCEAN CITY, NJ - August 24, 2012

The sun, the sand and the saltwater at the Jersey shore can only be described as " It's perfect it's like paradise," according to Olivia Clark of Maplewood, New Jersey.

A seasonal paradise packed with beachgoers, looking to jump into fun and ride out the waves of the summer season and maybe knock a few things off your bucket list.

"I want to go parasailing, I've never done that. I'll be 50. Want to go parasailing," Angela Masters told us.

Mike Sonsini of Doylestown, Pa. had different plans: "My wife and I are teachers and we go back to school next week so we came down to the beach for the day."

Squeezing in family time, soaking up a last-minute tan and of course satisfying your sweet tooth. What's a beach day without salt water taffy?

An August rush of business has kept the register ringing and the store manager smiling at Shriver's Salt Water Taffy.

While many people plan to soak up every last ounce of summer, there are some beachgoers forced to throw in the towel, like the beach patrol.

"We're probably down about a third of our beach patrol right now," says Tom Mullineaux, Chief of Operations Ocean City Beach Patrol.

As lifeguards head back to college, some beaches have already begun to close. You're asked to keep a watchful eye out and stay where lifeguards are present.

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