Parenting: Adjusting to a new school

August 31, 2012

I'm sure it's worse for others who are moving to a new school, without knowing anyone. There are some great resources to help you prepare your child for a new school.

Check out for "8 Tips to help Your Child Adjust to a New School."

Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Hoving, says try making a play date with any children you know who are going to the new school. It's important to maintain ties with old friends as you branch out and make new friends.

Hoving says a lot of the pressure does fall on the parents. It will help your child if you can volunteer at the school and make it more of a family event.

Be sure to do your part to stay in touch with teachers through their websites or parent emails.

Talk with your child about the transition and be sure to ask for help. School counselors and psychologists can be a great resource that people often forget is at their disposal.

Hoving reminds us that the teacher is our ally. You can nip any problems in the bud by staying in close contact with the person who spends all day with your child!

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