College students targeted in Delco home invasion

ASTON, Pa. - August 26, 2012

In fact detectives say this was Aston Township's first home invasion robbery. And it happened on a sunny Sunday afternoon on the 700 block of Mount Road in Aston Mills.

Police say four Neumann University students live in the home, off campus. Two sophomores were sitting in the living room when two men, one armed with a gun walked through the front door.

"It appears they were precise in what they did yesterday," said Nardone.

One of the students tried to bolt, but they grabbed him and bound his arms and feet with duct tape. The other was forced to lead the robber upstairs, who proceeded to take around $700, cell phones and electronics.

"I think it was a targeted specific event," said Nardone. "What that specific issue is, we're not sure yet, we're investigating now."

The men left both students bound with duct tape. Two other people in the house slept through the ordeal.

Authorities recovered physical evidence that's been sent to the State Police lab for processing.

Police say the primary aggressor looks to be about 30 years old, 5' 10" tall, between 200-210 lbs, and could have tattoos on left side of neck. There's not a detailed description of the other man, but both are believed to have been spotted in a maroon Ford Windstar.

Though the event occurred off campus, township police say they've been communicating with campus security. Students say an email sent by the school alerted them of the robbery.

"I was really surprised," said senior Carla Melendez. "I was supposed to move off campus this year, but I live on campus. Security's a lot better here."

"I've always lived on campus," said junior Rosie Kays. "Will probably stay that way after hearing this."

Police are re-canvassing the area for surveillance video that could help in this case. They ask anyone with information or tips to call Aston Police at 610-497-2633.

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