Police officer shot in Chalfont, Bucks County

CHALFONT, Pa. - August 27, 2012

Chalfont police officials say it was 3:15 this morning when Officer Jon Cousin saw a vehicle, with people inside, parked by the Lenape Valley Swim Club on Westview Avenue.

Chief Frank Campbell says Officer Cousin was then quickly confronted as he exited his squad car and started approaching the vehicle.

Chief Campbell explains, "The operator jumped out of the vehicle. [Officer Cousin] told him to get back in. At the same time a passenger came out of the vehicle as the officer exited his vehicle, and supposedly shot the officer."

Investigators say the bullet hit Officer Cousin in the chest, but he was wearing a Kevlar Vest beneath his uniform. Chief Campbell says that vest likely saved his life.

Cousin was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital where he was admitted in stable condition and later discharged. He is now home with his wife and children and is expected to make a full recovery.

"I don't think anybody can overstate just how important they are, really. It's mandatory in this department, every officer does wear one," said Chief Campbell.

The search now continues for the vehicle involved, which is described as a late model, maroon-colored, Oldsmobile with some kind of college decal on the back window and scuff marks on the bumper.

Officer Cousin also reported seeing three people inside the vehicle - two males and one female.

The police officer's neighbors say Cousin and his wife are new parents of triplets.

The neighbors can hardly believe the news.

Chalfont resident Cathy Robinson tells us, "We were shocked. We were absolutely shocked. I mean, it's so quiet here. You never worry about anything."

Neighbor Nancy Talley says, "It's absolutely horrifying. This is a beautiful, nice neighborhood. I used to be a member of that swim club; it's extremely family oriented. It was a very scary thing to wake up to that."

The suspects' vehicle was last seen traveling southbound on Route 309. Anyone with information pertaining to the identity or location of the suspects is urged to call 9-1-1.

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