Happy and healthy kid lunches

PHILADELPHIA - Augsut 29, 2012

Anna Florio is the chef at La Cucina inside the Reading Terminal market.

She says when it comes to school lunches, you want to make it healthy, but also appealing to kids.

"Because even though they are kids, they are still attracted by colors and shapes," Florio said.

So you want to include fresh fruit, cut up or kid-sized.

And you want to pack some protein.

Florio suggests peanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat baguette cut into bite-size pieces or you can make a wrap with leftovers.

And once you roll it up, it's easy for kids to hold and eat.

For drinks, she likes water flavored with a lemon or orange.

"You could very easily make a pitcher of this and put it in a thermos or put it in a bottle," Florio said.

Florio also says you don't want to overload kids with food.

They need enough to give them a boost of energy.

But if they have too much food or too much sugar, it could leave them feeling sluggish.

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