Suspects in Collingdale drug sweep ID'd (PHOTOS)

COLLINGDALE, Pa. - September 5, 2012

Police carried out the raids Wednesday morning, and the Action Cam was there as the suspects were ushered in and out of the Collingdale Borough Police Department.


One by one, the alleged drug dealers, some young, some middle aged, were led into court to face felony charges.

The bust came at the end of a 3-month long investigation, involving ten Delaware County agencies, as well as help from state and federal authorities.

"These are undercover officers that went undercover in a very dangerous situation and engage in hand to hand sales," said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan.

Whelan says these men and women were primarily involved in opiates: heroin, Oxycontin and other prescription drugs.

He calls heroin a growing epidemic in Delaware County, destroying families and leading to violence.

"It's the parents that are suffering watching their children become addicted to these dangerous drugs," said Whelan.

"The residents of Collingdale have been calling over the past few weeks, past few months," said Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams, "complaining about narcotics sales and about trafficking in the neighborhood. They thought they went unanswered. Surprise!"

The drug sweep went smoothly, with no resistance. Roughly two dozen of the targets were arrested. But investigators say their battle continues.

"We are going to target you," said Whelan. "We are going to arrest you. We are going to put you in jail. And we are going to keep you in jail."

And authorities in Delaware County say an anti-violence task force will begin hitting the streets of Darby beginning Thursday morning.

Those arrested on drug trafficking charges by the Delaware County Drug Task Force are:

Andre Lance Bennett of Collingdale, PA
Franchot Sebast Feaster of Collingdale, PA
Terrance Parks of Collingdale, PA
Taleeb "Ty" Dorn of Collingdale, PA
Ramel "Ted" Dwayne Waddell of Collingdale, PA
Gregory Hall of Collingdale, PA
Robert Garey of Darby, PA
Jerome Hodges of Collingdale, PA
Anthony Rowe of Collingdale, PA
Susan Hall of Collingdale, PA
Brittani Ratchford of Collingdale, PA
Charles "Jabar" Thompson of Philadelphia, PA
Jenifer Alper of Clifton Heights, PA
Khalif J. Moore of Darby, PA
Muctaru Julius Karma of Darby Borough, PA
Lamar Quinn of Collingdale, PA
Chris Benjamin of Darby, PA
Danulle Patrice Johnson of Collingdale, PA
Daniel Leake of Collingdale, PA
Lanay Shade of Darby, PA

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