Police: Man holds victim captive for months, steals checks

PHILADELPHIA - September 5, 2012

Police arrested 56-year-old Dwayne Young Sunday and charged him with kidnapping, theft, forgery, and related offenses.

Police say it all began back in April when Young's wife died from natural causes.

A month later, authorities say Young went to the 1800 block of Washington Avenue where his wife's brother lived.

Young abducted the 63-year-old man, who is deaf and mute, took him home, and locked the victim in his basement.

Police say Young's basement had a bed, chair, and toilet. The windows were sealed off with wood so that no one could see inside.

The victim was held captive for four months, where he was forced to sign his financial banking papers to Young, according to authorities.

Police say Young then would cash the victim's Social Security checks.

On Sunday, police received a tip and went to Young's house on the 5500 block of Wheeler Street with a search warrant. They found the victim locked in the basement.

Through an interpreter, officers asked the victim if he was okay and he said his stomach hurt from hunger.

Young was taken into custody and charged.

His bail has been set at $1 million.

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