Man ambushed and murdered in Olney

OLNEY - September 6, 2012

The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. on the 200 block of West Duncanon Avenue.

Officials say Willie Izzard was sitting on a porch of a house when he was approached by three men.

The suspects opened fire using two types of weapons, a 9mm and a .22 caliber gun.

According to reports, 24 shots were fired, striking Izzard multiple times in the face and chest.

He then ran upstairs and collapsed where he was pronounced dead by medics.

"It was horrifying because there was no reason. He never did anything to hurt anybody," said Izzard's mother. "My 31-year-old son was a good guy and a joy to my life."

Police believed Izzard lived at the home and may have been targeted. However his mother stated he lived with her in Southwest Philadelphia.

She said, he was taking a friend home when he was shot.

The three suspects were last seen fleeing on the 5200 block of American Street.

Police are interviewing family members and other witnesses.

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