Pay debts, save money, earn rewards

Sept. 11, 2012

The site is

Founder Priya Haji explains, "It's actually the first rewards game for saving money and paying down your debt."

Here's how it works. You go to SaveUp and register accounts where you're trying to save money -- like a savings account or an IRA -- or accounts that you're trying to pay off -- like a mortgage or student loan.

And each time you make a deposit or a payment, you're rewarded with one SaveUp credit for each dollar.

Haji adds, "And then you use those credits to play for a whole range of prizes. And you actually choose the prizes that you're interested in. So, the $2 million jackpot is the biggest prize, there's also gift cards, there's weekly drawings."

The odds of winning that big prize are about the same as winning the lottery -- but SaveUp is free, so you don't spend money on tickets.

Other prizes include travel from Virgin Atlantic, or a wardrobe makeover from Banana Republic.

You can also earn credits for watching videos or reading articles about managing your money.

And Priya says your account information is safe.

Haji says, "If you come to SaveUp, you'll see we've been audited by a bunch of trust and security companies. We also use bank-level incryption. And then the back-end technology of SaveUp is actually done by Intuit. So when you register your accounts, it's actually Intuit, the same company that does TurboTax and that is providing the secure data."

If you'd like to check out and use this link, you'll get 200 credits deposited into your account.

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