Otter pups arrive at Six Flags Great Adventure

JACKSTON TWP., N.J. - September 7th

A litter of Asian small-clawed otters were introduced by the park on Friday.

The otters, just two months old, consists of two males - Jackson and Baxter - and four females - Cali, Roxi, Pearl and Sushi. They currently weigh less than a pound each.

According to park officials, Asian small-clawed otters rank as the smallest otter species in the world, and will reach approximately ten pounds when fully grown. 

"In the wild, these otters can be found in fresh water rivers, estuaries, swamps and lakes in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. However, due to hunting, pollution and destruction of their natural habitat, this species is considered vulnerable and is protected by the Species Survival Plan," park officials said in a news release.

Currently, the pups receive bottle feedings every four-to-six hours. 

"Raising otter pups is just like raising children," said Dave Peranteau, supervisor of animal training at Six Flags in the statement.  "They love to sleep in our arms.  They're such cuddlebugs."

The otters reside in the theme park's Safari Discoveries section, an interactive animal area.

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