Backpacks for Toddlers: So they feel like big kids too!

September 7, 2012

But I have a fun surprise for my 2-year-old twins on Jake's first day of school.

At breakfast that day, I'm going to hand them each a backpack full of goodies that we can do at home when we "play school."

It's easy and inexpensive (check out your local dollar store), and it is a good way to keep your toddler learning…plus they won't feel like the older sibling gets to go on all the adventures at that mysterious place called "school."

Instead of real backpacks, I'm using reusable shopping bags that are small sized and easy for my little guys to carry around.

Inside, Hunter and Zeke are getting a couple new each. There are also crayons, markers, construction paper, and tape.

And if you need some new ideas for fun learning games to try this fall to mix things up, check out the website

Here are 4 of my favorites we're going to try this fall:

Alphabet Bugs-Go on the website and print out a free page of large-sized alphabet letters shaped like bugs. Use tape to stick them randomly all over your shirt and arms. Have your child help you pick the bugs off while saying the letters. They can stick them on a piece of construction paper or poster board to reuse another time.

Alphabet Cars-Go on the website and print out both the free oversized alphabet letter page and the free colorful page of race cars. Cut both pages and tape one letter on the back of each car. Have your child name the letter as they pick the cars out of a shoebox and line them up on the table for a race (or draw a little road on some computer paper to line the cars up on.) Compliment them by saying something like, "Good job finding the yellow car with the 'B' on the back."

School Bus-Go on the website and print out the free school bus picture. Have your child color it, then cut out the windows and tape pictures of your family in the windows. Then sing the song "Wheels on the bus" with your child and name the people on the bus each time. It's sure to bring lots of giggles!

Color Mixing-Fill paper cups with water and let your toddler drop a couple drops of food coloring in each one. Then let them pour 2 colors at a time in a small bowl to see what new colors emerge from the combinations. Yellow/blue=green, red/blue=purple, etc. It's a great way to learn their colors. And my boys love anything to do with water anyway, so just the pouring makes this a treat!

Have fun with Back-to-School for your toddlers too!

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