Some voters still undecided after RNC, DNC

September 7, 2012

It's getting to the point now where most people will start paying attention and soon deciding who they will vote for.

"I'm still on the fence," said Jennifer Sterling.

There is still a precious few who claim to be undecided but the battle will be more intense than ever to sway them.

Undecided voters are unhappy with their situation. They're not happy with the direction of the country, they're certainly not happy with the economy. They don't necessarily blame Obama for it. They want to make a change but so far Romney hasn't been able to appeal to them," said Matthew Kerbel, professor at Villanova University.

Female voters in the Philadelphia suburbs are a key to carrying Pennsylvania.

"We do like Romney and we're not convinced that he would be the best candidate. We're really on the fence right now," said Kristen Snyder.

"The problem Romney has is that the economy has been bad enough to get him very close but close doesn't necessarily get you over the finish line," said Professor Kerbel.

A lot of Republican stalwarts are unwavering in their support for the GOP ticket.

"I'm thinking I'll give Romney a shot, that's how I woke up this morning," said Mindi Thomas.

Democrats in recent election cycles have been getting stronger and stronger in bellwether districts like Delaware County.

"I would vote again for Obama in a second. He's trying to fix what's already been done, it was before he even got in there that the problem started," said Eleanor Gallagher.

"They just don't appeal to me, especially with the women's issues. It's like going backwards, let me speak for my body," said Dee Cobbs.

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