Parenting: Tips for homework

September 21, 2012

My older daughter does her homework quickly, efficiently and with little complaining. That makes up for my younger daughter who turns a few pages of homework into an all night battle.

Often times, my daughter complains for 30 minutes, even though the actual homework can be done in 15! I think I really need to get her to streamline the process. If she stopped dwelling on it and sat down quickly, she could be off and playing before she knew it.

I don't like bribing the kids, but I have to say I'm tempted. When I browsed online, on Yahoo Voices, I found one idea that seemed appealing. They suggested that you let you children watch a special show, but only if they finish their homework before it starts.

I don't want her finishing in haste, so I'd have to check it carefully but, this might be a good way to limit the wining.

I also learned a lot in reading, "Let's Talk about Homework", by Marie Hartwell-Walker,ED.D. She suggested that you set a routine and stick to the same time and place each day. It's important to help your child be organized and have all her supplies and resources in reach.

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