2 Philadelphia police officers charged with theft of services

PHILADELPHIA - September 11, 2012

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Aisha Perry and Police Officer George Suarez were arrested for theft of services from three Philadelphia Utility Companies (PGW, PECO and PWD).

After an investigation by the Department's Internal Affairs Bureau and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, Lieutenant Perry and Officer Suarez were arrested and charged.

Lieutenant Perry was charged with 6 counts of Theft of Services, Conspiracy and Risking Catastrophe.

Officer Suarez was charged with 10 counts of Theft of Services, 6 counts of Conspiracy and 10 counts of Rising a Catastrophe.

Police sources say the thefts which total tens of thousands of dollars involve properties belonging to the pair.

Records show the two are tied to homes on Firth and Rugby Streets along with a rehab house on Girard Avenue and this home on Winchester Avenue where Perry lives.

Investigators have yet to release the relationship of the officers or exactly how they believe they were stealing power, gas and water.

Aisha Perry is 53-years old and a 31-year veteran of the department assigned to the 39th District.

George Suarez is 54-years old and a 25-year veteran of the department assigned to the 14th District

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will suspend Perry and Suarez for thirty days with the intent to dismiss.

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